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Suggestions to Advance the Microbial Fertilizer Industry
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Suggestions to Advance the Microbial Fertilizer Industry

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Suggestions to Advance the Microbial Fertilizer Industry

Microbial Fertilizers, as a member of new Fertilizers, can not only activate soil nutrients, improve soil physical and chemical properties, control soil harmful microorganisms, improve Fertilizer utilization efficiency, but also promote crop growth, assist plants to absorb nutrients, increase crop stress resistance, and improve crops. Quality and other functions play an important role in the zero growth of chemical Fertilizers. Let's take a look at the recommendations for advancing the Microbial Fertilizer industry.

Here is the content list:

  • l Improve product quality

  • l Perfect use of technology

  • l Increase publicity and training on microbial Fertilizers

Improve product quality

Strengthen the screening of new functional strains, adopt modern high-throughput screening technology, combined with modern genetic engineering technology and other means to screen and cultivate excellent strains with functions such as nitrogen fixation, phosphorus solution, potassium solution, and soil remediation, and decomposition of decomposed organic materials. Change the pattern of insufficient technical support. Accelerate the introduction of new technologies and new equipment by enterprises, pay attention to the development of personalized products and the cultivation of brands, develop special microbial Fertilizers suitable for different regions, different crops, and different fertility levels, advocate the "strain" of production strains, and at the same time cultivate a batch of brand-name products with guaranteed quality and good application effect. Take the technology and product development of the industry as a long-term endeavor. Constantly standardize industry management, continuously improve the relevant standard system according to the development of the microbial Fertilizer industry, establish a strict market access system, strengthen market supervision, ensure product quality, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, and create a standardized and orderly business environment for the microbial Fertilizer industry.

Perfect use of technology

Different from ordinary chemical Fertilizers, the core of microbial Fertilizers is effective live bacteria. How to maintain the effective number of live bacteria in the soil of Fertilizer products is the key to ensuring the effect of microbial Fertilizer. According to the characteristics of product functions, biological characteristics of bacteria, etc., establish supporting transportation and storage technologies, and further improve the application technology in combination with the use of regional environmental and climate characteristics, crop types and soil types, and organically combine with various agricultural production technologies. Establish corresponding technical models. At the same time, establish a set of effective evaluation methods and systems to objectively evaluate the use effect of microbial Fertilizer products, and provide technical support for the promotion and application of microbial Fertilizers.

Increase publicity and training on microbial Fertilizers

Governments at all levels have increased the promotion and application of microbial Fertilizers through project implementation and policy subsidies. Strengthen cooperation with enterprises, new agricultural business entities, and social service organizations, and lead farmers to use microbial Fertilizers by establishing demonstration areas to display microbial Fertilizer products, application technologies, and application effects. At the same time, the grass-roots agricultural technology extension departments should take various forms and rich content of publicity and training measures such as technical training, on-site observation, and activity exchanges, increase the training of farmers and new agricultural business entities, and improve their understanding of microbial Fertilizer. Fertilizers use technology. In addition, the media should also play a good role in propaganda, expand social influence through the propaganda of microbial Fertilizers products and technologies, and create a good social environment for the development of microbial Fertilizers.

The above is the relevant content of suggestions for promoting the development of the microbial Fertilizer industry. If you are interested in Fertilizer, you can contact us. Our website is https://www.sinotainuo.com/. I look forward to your arrival very much and hope to cooperate with you.

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