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Some of Chemicals Rising And Some of Them Down
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Some of Chemicals Rising And Some of Them Down

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Some of Chemicals Rising And Some of Them Down

Some of Chemicals rising and some of them down this week,supply still a little tight(Mar 4th)


GE decreased melamine price CNY200/MT today,high pressure keeps stable,urea may restart to export from May in China,which made urea price rose today,melamine don’t change too much,low pressure melamine price at CNY7100 EXW factory,high pressure melamine price at CNY7400 EXW factory,all factories still have a lot pending orders,shipment mainly at end Mar or Apr,price will be stable and demands will be a little low recently.


Crude oil down last week,SINOPEC down 3 times total CNY500/MT for pure benzene,now benzene price during CNY8350/MT,but spots goods still rose CNY100/mt end today,Adipic Acid price down a little,Hualu exw price CNY10200/mt,Haili exw price CNY9900/mt,Yangmei exw price CNY9800/mt,Hengli chemical exw price CNY10300/mt due to low production,Adipic Acid price may keeps down a little this week.we can customized your own branded bag for AA business,welcome to contact us.


Tengda factory price keep same as last week,traders down CNY100/mt today,market supply still at a low level,new order shipment still at end March or early Apr,MA price  around 885$-905$ FOB level.


The material Toluene rose CNY100/mt today,Benzoic Acid price rose accordingly,there will be meeting from Mar 5th to Mar 11th in BEIJING,some factories nearby have to low their production or stop during meeting,supply will decrease and price may rising again,FOB price at 980$-990$ for 99%min.

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