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Company Profile

“Taishan, effective and influential word”. Let us accompany the colleague, creates magnificently!
  Weifang Tainuo Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the "world kite capital" - Weifang, adjacent to Jiaoji Railway to the south, near to State Road 309 and QingYin Expressway to the north. It has great strategic location as well as convenient traffic conditions. The company is established by the professional team from former Shandong Kuixing and committed to the development of green environmental friendly products.

   Since long we have been focusing on research, development and management of melamine and its surrounding industrial chain, with our clients all over the country and also spreading across Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other regions. Tainuo has become a strong supplier and exporter of melamine and its related products in China, relying on stable quality and excellent service.
  Weifang Tainuo is the leading service provider and supplier in market of melamine,  hexamethylol melamine, urea, phenolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin and other fields. We also maintain long-term cooperation with well-known domestic scientific research institutes. Tainuo is committed to providing clients with rigorous professional product solutions and improving after-sales service .

Our Advantage

 “Taishan, effective and influential word”. Let us accompany the colleague, creates magnificently!
Professional from focusing, cooperation achieving win-win. Weifang Tainuo will always be your sincere friend and trustworthy strategic partner. We will uphold the philosophy of "creating value for our clients and growing together", and we sincerely cooperate with clients to develop hand in hand.
 Tainuo chemical - - OUR ADVANTAGE
Professional technical experts and sales team of melamine
A complete industrial chain with strong technical support Create low-cost high-quality products
Implementation of “Amiba Management” to maximize corporate profits
Build efficient warehousing and logistics system relying on superior geographical location

World Trade

Tainuo mainly market export to Asia, South Asia,South America, Africa and Middle East, Europe and other regions.
It has high reputation from customers like Thailand,Indonesia,Vietnam,India,Korea,Turkey…

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