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Shipment Service

The sales department sends the delivery plan to the freight department one day in advance. The freight department is responsible for arranging the shipment and charter the booking. Domestic customers must arrange the delivery plan within 24 hours, and export goods must book the charter within 24 hours Feedback of cabin information to customers.
 According to the national environmental protection policy, the freight department is responsible for arranging short-distance transportation of vehicles. The vehicles arranged must comply with the national environmental protection policy and the vehicle information should be fed back to the sales department in time.

  Before loading, the warehouse custodian is responsible for checking whether the transportation vehicles comply with company system documents and regulations. The arranged vehicles must be clean and free of pollution. The bottom of the car and the surrounding of the car must be lined with cloth, and the tarpaulin should be sealed after loading the car. Prevent rain pollution.

 The warehouse clerk must register the batch and flow of the goods to facilitate product tracking.

 Export cargo port packing
When the transportation vehicle arrives at the port, contact the freight forwarder signed by the company, and the freight forwarder will arrange the packing according to the information of the charter booking.
The freight forwarder should ensure that the container is intact, clean and free of pollution before packing. 
During the packing process, the whole process should be supervised to verify the quantity and take a picture or leave a video of the packing process for the customer to track the packing process.
After the packing is completed, the box should be sealed in time, and the box number and seal number should be registered and kept. At the same time, the driver should sign the car delivery note to the driver. The driver returns the delivery note signed by the freight forwarder to the freight department to settle the freight.

Product Quality Monitoring

Strictly Control

Strictly control the raw materials into the factory for quality inspection. According to the national standards and quality certification system documents of the purchased raw materials, they can only be put into storage after passing the inspection. Unqualified raw materials are not allowed to enter the warehouse, and the supplier shall return or exchange the goods.

Implement Three Levels Of Product Quality Monitoring

The first-level monitoring refers to the monitoring of the production process. It is randomly sampled every 30 minutes from the discharge port, and tested according to the internal control standards. The test results are notified to the general control room in time to optimize the process indicators. 

Review The Storage

Before entering the storage, a comprehensive sample will be taken according to the quantity of 10% of the output. After determining the product quality level, the product quality level will be placed in the inventory. 

Ex-Factory Inspection

Before the product leaves the factory, a sample of 5% of the products in the warehouse is taken for random inspection, and the batch number of the sample is retained for product quality and batch tracking.

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