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How To Paint Melamine Wood
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How To Paint Melamine Wood

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How To Paint Melamine Wood

Melamine is a chemical compound with numerous industrial uses, including the production of plastics, dishware, kitchenware, commercial filters, laminates, adhesives, molding compounds, coatings, and flame retardants. Melamine is an important nitrogen heterocycle organic chemical material, it presents alkalescence and reacts with various acidums to generate melamine salt.


Here is the content list:

  • What is melamine?

  • What are the steps of melamine painting?

  • Is melamine expensive?


What is melamine?

Melamine is a type of plastic material frequently used to coat chipboard or particleboard to leave a very hard-wearing, typically white finish. It’s very commonly used in flat-pack furniture and kitchen cabinets.

The melamine resin is combined with paper, laminated and glued onto the wood boards. It’s excellent for shelves since it doesn’t wear easily compared to other finishes. It is, however, prone to chipping, and edges need to be treated with an iron-one edge banding.


What are the steps of melamine painting?

If you have some old melamine wardrobes or kitchen cupboards and you feel like you have tried everything to clean them, then the best choice is to try giving them melamine paint. Here are the steps:

1.        The first step to painting melamine wood is to sand. First of all, you can use your palm sander to sand the inside of the wardrobe. Thoroughly sand all the surfaces to be painted, including the edges, the bottom, and the detailing. Alternatively, you also can use a DE-GLOSSER to dull the shiny surface rather than sanding, but this is quite a strong chemical and needs to be applied in a well-ventilated area. Sanding is very important when painting melamine wood.

2.        You can use an old rag to remove all the sanding dust, then TSP diluted in water for a more thorough clean. If you choose this method, rinse with water before allowing it to dry.

3.        You can apply good quality primer paint. A primer will make your work easier and more high-quality by ensuring better paint coverage and adherence. Always choose a high-quality primer and paints for a durable job.

4.        You can consider using MFC primers/paints. Melamine paint powder is formulated to paint onto a Melamine covered surface, just like your wardrobe doors or kitchen cupboards and the results are very effective and far easier to obtain than through any cleaning method.

5.        Let the final coat cure fully for one to two weeks before placing any heavy objects on it or scrubbing the surface vigorously. You can use the surface gently and clean it only with a damp cloth. Letting the paint cure fully before using the surface, as usual, will help prevent appliances and stored items from sticking to the paint or marring the finish.


Is melamine expensive?

You can find different lines of melamine at a range of prices, many of which are very affordable. Not only can investing in melamine dinnerware save you money initially, but it's also a smart long-term investment.


If you are looking for melamine 99% purity, Weifang Tainuo Chemical Co., Ltd. can be the best choice. They have been focusing on research, development, and management of melamine and its surrounding industrial chain for a long time. Tainuo is committed to providing clients with rigorous professional product solutions and improving after-sales service, we are pleased to provide more information for you if you need it.

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