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How fertilizer works?
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How fertilizer works?

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How fertilizer works?

A lot of people fertilize, just for the sake of pure fertilization, they did not think, since the fertilizer, pay money, will think of the role of letting it play. Wouldn’t our money have been wasted? But how can the benefits of fertilizer be exploited? The following will give you a summary.


l How do fertilizers work?

l What should be focused on during using the fertilizer?



How do fertilizers work?

1.Ammonium nitrogen should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizer. Ammonium nitrogen fertilizer can react with alkaline fertilizer to produce nitrogen, resulting in loss of nitrogen and reducing fertilizer efficiency. Ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate, ammonium chloride, ammonia water, ammonium carbonate is ammonium nitrogen fertilizer, alkaline fertilizer such as plant ash, steel slag phosphate fertilizer, lime nitrogen, lime, and so on.

2.Ammonium bicarbonate cannot be a shallow application. Ammonium bicarbonate is extremely unstable and easy to decompose at room temperature. It should be covered immediately after deep application (depth is greater than 6 cm). In addition, ammonium bicarbonate cannot be used as seed fertilizer, so as not to burn seeds.

3. Chlorinated fertilizer should not be applied to saline-alkali soil and chlorine-free crops. Chlorinated fertilizers include ammonium chloride, potassium chloride, etc., which will aggravate salt damage and are not conducive to crop growth when applied on saline-alkali land. Avoid chlorination crops are sugar beet, potato, grape, tobacco, and other crops, the use of chlorinated fertilizer to make its product quality affected.

4. Urea application cannot immediately after watering. Urea applied to the soil, in a molecular state, is easy to lose with water, so it is not suitable to water immediately after application. Urea is not suitable for surface application, but also should be the appropriate deep application of soil.

5. Ammonium sulfate cannot be used for a long time. The long-term application will increase soil acidity and damage soil structure. In calcareous soil, sulfate ions in ammonium sulfate will react with calcium, making the soil hardened and fertility decreased. So, all kinds of fertilizers should be applied alternately as well.


What should be focused on during using the fertilizer?

First, more fertilizer is used and more crops are produced, resulting in increased input.

Second, the use of rotary tiller before the ground in a hurry to spread fertilizer, surface application phenomenon is serious, resulting in fertilizer volatilization, serious waste.

Third, the amount of organic fertilizer decreased, the ratio of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer is out of balance. Heavy fertilizer, less or not apply the phenomenon of farm fertilizer is very common, only use land not raise land, resulting in a lot of land consolidation serious, drought resistance, fertilizer, water retention ability decline.

Fourth, in the application of chemical fertilizer, there is a great imbalance between the crops, the amount of cash crops is large, the amount of food crops is small. Blind fertilization not only causes serious waste of chemical fertilizer but also causes pollution of the environment and groundwater.


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