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Knowledage of melamine foaming agents
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Knowledage of melamine foaming agents

Views: 1     Author: 艾彩霞     Publish Time: 2018-07-14      Origin: Site


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Common in our daily life magic sponge, wiping kling belong to melamine foamed material, it is composed of melamine formaldehyde, and sodium bisulfite as raw materials made of polymer, called melamine - formaldehyde sodium bisulfite copolymer.But cannot because the name of chemical composition contains formaldehyde to think to exist formaldehyde, can produce safety hidden danger to health.For example, sodium chloride, or salt, sodium is dangerous, but sodium chloride is safe.May occasionally there is formaldehyde, it is because some factory process of trace formaldehyde, even so, the presence of formaldehyde amount is far less than the government institutions and business institutions to set the standard limit value, also is lower than indoor air formaldehyde content.

Melamine foamed material was originally made by the German company basf, it is a good draw materials and timber for construction, in the early 21st century by procter & gamble in the application of clean supplies, hardening stage in the manufacturing process, the hardness of this kind of copolymer can reach the level of similar to glass, can be said to be the highest hardness of commercial plastic.However, due to its microscopic open-hole mesh structure, the finished product is like a sponge in the hand.Because of its high hardness, it can be imagined in the cleaning process using rubber, or grinding extremely fine sandpaper on the surface of the stain.The open-hole mesh structure allows the inside of the magic sponge to contain many cylindrical materials and air sacs, which are used to absorb the dirt particles generated by friction.

It mainly USES the physical adsorption principle to remove dirt, relying on the nano-capillary pore structure in the sponge, and automatically absorbs the dirt on the surface of the object during wiping.(the combination of surface tension, cohesion and adhesion allows water to rise in smaller diameter capillaries and escape gravity, called capillarity.)The magic sponge takes advantage of this natural physical phenomenon, like countless super-mini vacuum cleaners, with only water and no need to rely on any chemical detergent to help jiang jie.Magic sponge can remove bacteria on the surface of objects, and it is a pure physical decontamination, without any harm to the environment and human body. It is a new environmental protection product in the 21st century.

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