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Sodium nitrate (NaNO3)
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Sodium nitrate (NaNO3)

CAS NO. 7631-99-4 Chemical formula:NaNO3 Appearance:White powder or colorless crystals Uses:Fertilizer,pesticides,pyrotechnics and smoke bombs,glass and pottery enamels,food preservatives,and the treatment of wastewater,etc. Packing:1000kg/bag;50kg/bag;25kg/bag.

Sodium nitrate is a white solid,very soluble in water and easily deliquescent in the air.It will burn and explode when mixed with organics.

The product functions as raw material for fluxing agent, oxidizing agent and enamel powder in enamel industry. In glass industry, it can be used as decolorizing agent, antifoaming agent, clarifying agent, and fluxing agent for glasses and glass products. In inorganic industry, it can be used as decolorizing agent for molten caustic soda and in producing other nitrates. In food industry, it can be used as colour former for meat processing. In fertilizer industry, it can be used as quick-acting fertilizer for acid soil. In dyestuff industry, it functions as raw material for producing picric acid and dyestuffs. In metallurgical industry, it can be used as heat treatment agent for steel-making and aluminium alloy. 



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