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The difference between soda ash light and dense
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The difference between soda ash light and dense

Views: 539     Author: 艾彩霞     Publish Time: 2018-08-31      Origin: Site


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The difference between soda ash light and dense

It is well known that there are two main types of soda ash: dense and light.Today, we'll tell you the differences:

1.    Physical property: there is no difference in chemical formula between the two. The difference in size mainly lies in physical properties, such as loose density, particle size and shape and resting Angle.Generally, the density of soda ash light is 500-600kg/m3, the density of soda ash dense is 1000-1200kg/m3

2. Price difference: soda ash dense is higher than light

3. Production method:

Soda ash is mainly produced by ammonia-alkali method, which uses raw salt and limestone as raw materials to produce soda ash light by chemical synthesis method, and soda ash dense is produced by solid-phase water method.

Soda ash dense is mainly produced by natural alkali method, with natural alkali as raw material, and by evaporation method or carbonization method.

The uses of soda ash is very wild,it can be used in the manufacture of glass, such as plate glass, bottle glass, optical glass and advanced vessels;The reaction of fatty acid and soda can be used to make soap.In hard water softening, refined oil and oil, sulfur and no phosphorus removal in metallurgical industry, mineral processing, as well as copper, lead, nickel, tin, uranium, aluminum and other metal preparation, producing sodium salt of chemical industry, metal carbonates, bleach, packing, detergent, catalyst and dyestuff were to use it, for making refractory material and glaze in ceramic industry are also used to soda ash.

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