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Urea for agriculture
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Urea for agriculture

CAS NO.57-13-6
Chemical formula:CH4N2O
Appearance:White solid
Uses:A kind of high concentration nitrogen fertilizer,also can be used to produce many kind of compound fertilizer.
Standard:GB 2440-2001

Urea is a kind of high concentration nitrogen fertilizer, which is a kind of neutral quick effect fertilizer and can also be used to produce many kinds of compound fertilizer.Urea is applicable to all crops and all soils, can be used as base fertilizer and fertilizer, dry paddy fields can be applied.No harmful substances remain in the soil and there is no adverse effect on long-term application.Animal husbandry can be used as feed for ruminants.


Total Nitrigen/N %46.446.246.0
Biuret/Biu %
H2O %
Aldehyde/HCHO %
Particle size939090

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No 465 Wenhua Road,Weifang City, Shandong Province, China

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