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What are the methods of applying fertilizer?
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What are the methods of applying fertilizer?

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What are the methods of applying fertilizer?

Crop top dressing is an important way to promote crop growth. In the whole process of crop growth, the amount of top dressing usually accounts for more than one-third of the total amount of fertilizer application. Common topdressing methods mainly have the following, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the following.


l What are the methods of applying fertilizer?



What are the methods of applying fertilizer?

1. Direct broadcast. After watering or after rain, taking advantage of the appropriatemoisture content in the field, in the field, will be directly applied to the plant between the rows of crops. This method is relatively simple, but some of the fertilizer will volatilization loss, especially ammonium bicarbonate volatilization is very strong, cannot use this method; Ammonium sulfate, urea, and potassium sulfate can be applied widely, but are best used when field operations are inconvenient and the crop is in need of fertilizer.


2. Along with the water. When watering the plants, apply water to the soil around the root of the plants. It is also a waste of fertilizer, which loses nutrients to the deeper roots of the plant. The advantage is that the usage is simple, save labor, time, and effort. It can be used when the fertilizer source is sufficient, the planting area is large and the labor force is in short supply. It can be used as the first choice of the topdressing method when large area crops are badly short of fertilizer.


3. Deep fertilization. Dig trenches and pits between plants and rows, apply fertilizer. Using this method of fertilizer wastes less, the most economic, but the amount of labor, labor, and operation is not very convenient. If it is too close to the root, the root system is easy to be damaged. Due to the concentration and high concentration of fertilizer, this method should not be used in summer when crops are growing vigorously and need more water, especially in the critical period of crop water demand. Enough labor and crop growth are not large when this method can be used so that the fertilizer buried in the soil gradually decomposed and constantly supply crops.


4. Facilities topdressing. In recent years, drip irrigation technology is widely used and automatic fertilization is gradually popularized. The specific method of using drip irrigation facilities for top dressing is as follows: install a fertilizer at the position where water enters the drip irrigation main, dissolve the fertilizer in the fertilizer, insert the drip irrigation main into the filter nozzle of the suction pipe of the fertilizer, and the fertilizer can automatically enter the soil around the crop root with water. But it is difficult to popularize and apply in large-area production because of too much investment.


5. Topdressing. Extra-root topdressing is foliar spraying. This method is an economical and effective fertilization method, which has the advantages of low dosage, fast fertilizer efficiency, and avoiding the fixation of the active components in the fertilizer by the soil.


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