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What are the uses of melamine?
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What are the uses of melamine?

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What are the uses of melamine?

Melamine is a chemical compound with numerous industrial use, including the production of plastics, dishware, kitchenware, commercial filters, laminates, adhesives, molding compounds, coatings, and flame retardants. Melamine is an important nitrogen heterocycle organic chemical material, it presents alkalescence and reacts with various acidums to generate melamine salt.


Here is the content list:

•Are the melamine and melamine production safe?

•What are the benefits of melamine?

•Can Melamine be Recycled?

 Hexamethylol Melamine

Are the melamine and melamine production safe?

Many reports have questioned the health of the melamine tableware. The toxicity of melamine is limited from the data, however, animal studies to date indicate low toxicity. However, the FDA’s Safety and Risk Assessment of Melamine states that this type of plastic tableware is safe for use. All conclusions in the studies are that the chemicals in melamine will not migrate or transfer into the food products, so long your food is not heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Food should not be heated in contact with melamine although melamine can stand high temperatures. What’s more, melamine tableware is 100% dishwasher safe.


What are the benefits of melamine?

Melamine has been used to put into production since the manufacturing of plastic household items began in the late 1930s. Nowadays, melamine becomes a more and more necessary element in our daily life. Here are the benefits of it:

1.Melamine is extremely difficult to break, melamine dishes will bounce, as opposed to breaking like traditional ceramic dinnerware. Melamine dinnerware has a much lower replacement rate than typical china and porcelain due to its durable construction. It will save your business a lot of money in the long run.


2.Melamine is an insulator, it may maintain temperatures longer than other types of plastic, it takes a long time for the temperature of the material to change. Melamine is good for kitchen tools that are used when handling hot soups and boiling water due to its heat-resistant properties. It's also great for cold food and buffet displays.

3.Owing to its hard plastic, it can be made in various colors and styles.


Can Melamine be Recycled?

Many environmentally friendly consumers want to know where melamine falls on the list of recyclable plastics. Melamine is categorized under Class #7 on the list of Plastic Resin Codes. This means that it is a widely used plastic that does not match with the more commonly used #1-6 classifications and should not be thrown in your recycling trash can. Melamine can not be melted for recycling like other plastics. However, it can be ground down and used as a filler for other plastics or wood composites. So, consumers should ask your local recycling center for more details about how to dispose of your melamine products.


Melamine is a smart choice for a variety of different settings, especially dining halls and other operations that serve a high volume of customers. If you are looking for melamine, Weifang Tainuo Chemical Co., Ltd. can be the best choice. They have been focusing on research, development, and management of melamine and its surrounding industrial chain for a long time. Tainuo is committed to providing clients with rigorous professional product solutions and improving after-sales service, we are pleased to provide more information for you if you need it.

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