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What fertilizer is needed in agriculture?
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What fertilizer is needed in agriculture?

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What fertilizer is needed in agriculture?

Whether the selection of fertilizer is scientific and correct has a more direct impact on the yield and quality. For the selection of fertilizer, not only to choose the brand and type of fertilizer but also according to the application of fertilizer, crop types, soil conditions, crop growth stage, and the rule of fertilizer to comprehensive consideration.


l What needs to be considered during choosing the fertilizer?

Liquid water soluble fertilizer/UAN for Nitrogen fertilizer


What needs to be considered during choosing the fertilizer?

1. Choose fertilizer according to the type of crop. Different crops have certain differences in their demands for fertilizers. For example, corn, rice, and wheat have higher demands for N, P, and K, while soybeans have higher demands for P and K, cash crops of leafy vegetables have certain demands for N and medium and trace elements and fruit trees have relatively balanced demands for fertilizers. Moreover, now a lot of fertilizer manufacturers in different areas, for different crops and soil characteristics, research, and development of some crop fertilizer, is also a good choice.


2. The type of fertilizer. Fertilizer is mainly divided into soil fertilizer and leaf topdressing fertilizer two categories, in soil fertilizer can be divided into soil solid granular fertilizer and soil water-soluble fertilizer. For field crops, it mainly depends on soil solid particle fertilizer and leaf topdressing fertilizer. However, cash crops, fruit trees, and vegetables mainly need the combination of the three to meet the demand for yield and quality of cash crops, fruit trees, and vegetables.


3. According to the way of fertilizer application to choose the appropriate fertilizer. For this point, the main or for soil fertilizer. Due to the limitation of planting scale, topography, and terrain, most agricultural areas in China have not realized complete mechanization. In terms of fertilizer application, if it is the use of mechanical sowing base fertilizer or the use of mechanical seed fertilizer with the application, then it is recommended that you choose compound fertilizer or compound fertilizer. Because the proportion of fertilizer particles of compound fertilizer or compound fertilizer is basically the same, there will be no stratification of high-density and low-density fertilizers due to the inconsistency of particle density in farm work. If artificial fertilization is adopted, compound fertilizer, traditional three fertilizers, mixed fertilizer, and some other simple fertilizers can be adjusted at any time through the human operation.


4. The growth stages of crops and the rules of fertilizer requirements. This is also an important basis for choosing a fertilizer. Different crops in different growth periods of nutrient demand differences are relatively large, such as rice, corn, wheat before entering the booting stage, the need for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers are large. But after entering the booting stage, it is preferred phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to meet the needs of reproductive growth and grain filling. For example, after the fruiting period of fruit trees, a certain amount of topdressing nitrogen fertilizer is still needed to meet the demand for nitrogen for bulging fruit and turning color. Therefore, the choice of fertilizer varies in different growth periods of different crops.


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