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What fertilizer promotes root growth?
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What fertilizer promotes root growth?

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What fertilizer promotes root growth?

Roots, because they grow underground, are an easy part to overlook. A bad root system can easily lead to poor plant growth, uneven seedling, poor disease resistance, etc., thus affecting our economic benefits. So, how to make the root system developed? What fertilizer promotes root growth?


l What’s the importance of root growth?

l What fertilizer promotes root growth?

l What needs to be focused on?

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What’s the importance of root growth?

The root system, so to speak, is the main organ of a plant. It is responsible for the absorption of nutrients and water, and it also controls physiological activities on the ground. Around the roots, there are often a large number of rhizosphere microorganisms. The existence of rhizosphere microorganisms can bring a lot of benefits to crops. Not only does it encourage root growth, but it also keeps harmful microbes in check. In general, the cultivation of a good root system is to improve the utilization of soil nutrient resources.


What fertilizer promotes root growth?

1. Fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorus are conducive to promoting the growth of plant roots, especially nitrogen fertilizer.

2, mainly provide plant nitrogen, nitrogen, and nitrogen on plant growth and development has the very good effect, nitrogen is a part of amino acids in plants and constitutes the protein composition, and plant photosynthetic chlorophyll and decisive part of the application of plenty of nitrogen fertilizer can increase crop yield and quality.

3. Phosphate fertilizer is beneficial to promote the formation and growth of roots in the early stage of the plant, improve its ability to adapt to the external environment and help the plant to pass the winter.

4. Potassium fertilizer is conducive to improving the stress resistance of crops. Potassium can enhance the regulation effect of cells on environmental conditions, and enhance the tolerance of plants to various adverse conditions, such as drought, low temperature, lodging, etc.


What needs to be focused on?

Want to crop root growth, in addition, to take root topdressing fertilizer, other times in the process of crop growth fertilizer must especially pay attention to, first of all, cannot blindly heavily topdressing fertilizer, topdressing fertilizer is easy to cause the soil heavy metal pollution, soil harden happens, not conducive to the growth of crop root, advice when fertilizer for crops, also recommended to give priority to with rotten organic fertilizer, Topdressing fertilizer can be used with a mineral fulvic acid fertilizer, which can increase the number of bacteria in the soil, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, and contribute to the growth of crop roots.


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