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What fertilizer to use?
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What fertilizer to use?

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What fertilizer to use?

Fertilizer is an important means of production to promote the growth and development of crops and improve the efficiency of agricultural production. In the face of a wide variety of fertilizers, combined with their own production needs, according to the type, characteristics, ingredients, and efficacy of fertilizers, can be said to be the necessary knowledge of many agricultural producers. Fertilizers are classified in a variety of ways.


lWhat fertilizer to use?


Urea fertilizer

What fertilizer to use?

(1) According to the source and composition is mainly divided into organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer (chemical fertilizer), and biological fertilizer.

① Organic fertilizers. Mainly including traditional organic fertilizer and commodity organic fertilizer. Traditional organic manure mainly includes human manure, barnyard manure, livestock manure, poultry manure, compost pile, cake fertilizer, green manure, etc.

② Inorganic fertilizer. Common inorganic fertilizer (chemical fertilizer) mainly consists of simple fertilizer, compound (mixed) fertilizer.

③ Biological fertilizer. At present, there are three kinds of biofertilizers used in agricultural production, namely single biofertilizer, compound biofertilizer, and compound biofertilizer.


(2) According to the market conditions, it is mainly divided into conventional fertilizers and new fertilizers.

① Conventional fertilizers. Including inorganic fertilizer and organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer mainly includes nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, micro fertilizer, and compound fertilizer, etc. Organic fertilizers generally include the following six categories, manure, compost pile, soil, peat, cake fertilizer, and urban waste.

② New fertilizers generally include the following categories: trace element fertilizers, microbial fertilizers, amino acid fertilizers, humic acid fertilizers, additive fertilizers, organic water-soluble fertilizers, slow and controlled release fertilizers.


(3) According to the number of nutrients can be divided into simple fertilizer, compound (mixed) fertilizer, complete fertilizer three.


(4) According to the function, it can be divided into three kinds: direct fertilizer, indirect fertilizer, and stimulus fertilizer.


(5) According to the rate of fertilizer effect, it can be divided into two kinds: quick effect fertilizer and slow effect fertilizer.


(6) According to the form can be divided into solid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, gas fertilizer, etc.


(7) According to the needs of nutrient elements for crops, it can be divided into three kinds: a large amount of element fertilizer, medium amount of element fertilizer, and trace element fertilizer.


(8) Fertilizer classification and requirements According to the limit index of harmful substances, fertilizers are divided into three levels: ecological level, farmland level, and garden level.


In order to grow and develop, plants need to absorb all kinds of nutrients from the soil, including a large number of elements and medium and microelements. But it is the relatively small amount of available nutrients in the soil that determines the plant's yield. Supplementing other nutrients without regard to the minimum nutrient will not improve crop yields. The minimum nutrient is the nutrient that the soil has the least capacity to supply, and that’s what we’re trying to supply.


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