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When fertilizers are added to one plant?
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When fertilizers are added to one plant?

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When fertilizers are added to one plant?

The fertilization method of potted plant fertilizer is different in each season. The spring and autumn season is the growing period of plants, and the demand for fertilizer is relatively large, so the amount of fertilizer needs to be increased. A small amount of fertilizer in summer, summer evening is the best time to fertilize, to avoid sunburn. When plants stop growing in winter, no fertilizer is needed.


lWhen fertilizers are added to one plant?

lHow to fertilize the plant?

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When fertilizers are added to one plant?

Potted plants are usually fertilized in the spring and autumn when they are growing and need plenty of fertilizer for their growth. In the hot summer, dilute the fertilizer to the plants so that the concentration of the fertilizer is not high enough to burn the roots. Fertilization in summer needs to be carried out in the late afternoon when the temperature is suitable to facilitate the absorption of nutrients by plants. Winter temperature is low, plant growth into the dormant period, cannot be fertilized. There are two critical periods of nutrient uptake, namely the critical period of plant nutrition and the maximum efficiency period of plant nutrition.

The critical period of plant nutrition: refers to a period in the process of plant growth when the absolute amount of a certain nutrient requirement is not much, but it is very sensitive and urgent. At this time, if the lack of this nutrient, the impact on plant growth is extremely obvious, the resulting loss, even if the future supplementary application of this nutrient is difficult to correct and make up.

The critical nutrient period of P in crops appears in the early growth and development of crops, but the migration of P in the soil and in crops is slow after the application of P fertilizer. In order to ensure the demand for phosphorus in the seedling stage, it is better to apply phosphorus fertilizer in the form of base fertilizer to the soil to prevent the shortage of phosphorus in the critical period of crop nutrition. Other nutrient elements should be applied in small amounts during the critical nutritional period of the element.


How to fertilize the plant?

After flower buds appear, the amount of fertilizer can be appropriately increased to promote the absorption of nutrients in flower buds and ensure the flowering time. After flowering into the flowering period, the need to apply thin fertilizer, the use of decomposed fertilizer. Pay attention to not too close to the plant roots when fertilization, to avoid root burning phenomenon. Don’t splash fertilizer on the plan‘s flowers and leaves, which can cause burns.


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