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Where is fertilizer used?
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Where is fertilizer used?

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Where is fertilizer used?

Farmers and families use fertilizer every day to help crops and gardens grow. Whether it’s a small garden for flowers or a large farm with thousands of acres of crops, fertilizers have been developed to help different crops grow in different soil and weather conditions.


lWhere is fertilizer used?

lWhat are the functions of fertilizer?

 Granular Urea for Nitrogen fertilizer

Where is fertilizer used?

Fertilizer is added to crops to produce enough food to feed people. Fertilizers provide nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen to the plants, which make them grow bigger, faster, and produce more food. Nitrogen, in particular, is a nutrient necessary for the growth of every living thing on Earth. Nitrogen is all around us and makes up about 78% of the air you breathe. However, plants and animals cannot use nitrogen from the air. In order to grow, plants need nitrogen compounds in the soil, which can occur naturally or can be supplied by fertilizers.


What are the functions of fertilizer?

1.With the steady growth of the global population, it is important to produce enough

crops each year to feed, clothe, and other agricultural products for people all over the world. Crops such as corn, wheat, and cotton receive nutrients from the soil in which they grow; Crops consume soil nutrients in different ways and at different rates. After just a few seasons, the growth of certain crops can deplete the nutrients in the soil. Fertilizers play an important role in providing crops with the nutrients they need to grow and harvest nutritious food.


2.Fertilizer helps to provide enough food to feed the world’s population. But they can do more. A class of fertilizers called micronutrient fertilizers is designed to add important nutrients to crops that contribute to human health. For example, micronutrients (such as zinc) are important for human nutrition, especially for children. According to a United Nations study, many of the world’s food crops are grown in soils that do not have enough zinc. Supplying grain crops with micronutrient fertilizers can make them rich in important nutrients.



3.Fertilizers replace nutrients that crops remove from the soil. If fertilizers are not added, crop yields and agricultural productivity will be greatly reduced. This is why mineral fertilizers are used to replenish the nutrients in the soil, as well as minerals that can be quickly absorbed and utilized by crops. So, in order to meet our nutritional needs for the crops and meat we eat, we need to replace the food we take out. The key is to strike this balance and maintain a level of nutrients in the soil that will support our crops without fertilization.


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