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Why fertilizer is important?
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Why fertilizer is important?

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Fertilizer plays an important role in the growing process of crops. Because it contains a variety of elements that complement the elements needed in the soil. Therefore, growing crops without fertilizer supply and management, it is difficult to grow ideal products, to achieve the target.

l What’s the importance of fertilizer?

l What are the benefits of fertilizers?

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What’s the importance of fertilizer?

In agricultural production, the development trend of fertilizer and agriculture and the whole society continues to develop steadily consistent. Fertilizer application is mainly to adjust soil pH, improve soil structure, improve soil physical and chemical properties, biochemical properties, so as to coordinate the rapid growth of crops and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer. That is to save energy and cost, but also conducive to the maintenance of soil fertility, reduce environmental pollution, maintain the normal circulation of nutrient elements in the food chain and maintain the balance of agricultural ecology.

First of all, it can improve the fertility of our soil, chemical fertilizer of soil nutrients, and supply capacity, soil improvement, must use appropriate fertilizer for auxiliary, improved soil increased the internal activity, can improve the fertility of five times, the rapid increase of nutrients, the supply of crops and grow very helpful.

Secondly, the benefits of chemical fertilizers are very important for growing food, the economy, and crops. If there were no chemical fertilizers, the world’s grain would be reduced by at least half. If there is no chemical fertilizer, then a large area must be cleared, mountains, grasslands, plains, which will cause a large number of animal extinction, environmental pollution.

What are the benefits of fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers contain more comprehensive nutrients, mainly containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and other trace elements, these nutrients in the state of organic matter, it is difficult to be absorbed by crops, must go through chemical and physical activity in the soil and trace elements fermentation decomposition, so that the nutrients gradually release deep soil layer to enhance the fertilizer effect.

Organic fertilizer is conducive to promoting the formation of soil aggregate structure so that the ratio of soil and water to reach coordination and become looser, increase water retention, heat preservation, air permeability, and fertilizer retention effect.

In fertilization, to local conditions, according to the soil, climate, plants and decided. There are many kinds of inorganic fertilizers. All kinds of organic fertilizers for humans, livestock, and poultry are valuable resources for cultivated land and crops. It is necessary to make full use of these raw materials scientifically and rationally, refine and accumulate excellent organic fertilizers, and produce more and better products.

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