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Application of caustic soda in textile dyeing industry
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Application of caustic soda in textile dyeing industry

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Caustic soda is used in agriculture, industry, medicine, etc. The following is a brief introduction to the application of caustic soda in the textile industry

1,Excellent color build-up

Caustic soda is used instead of soda ash for fixing, and even if the amount of 1/10 is substituted for soda ash, sufficient color yield can be guaranteed. Inadvertent addition of caustic soda during operation will have no effect on fiber coloration.

2. Wide adaptability in dyes and equipment, good dye reproducibility

Applicable to all kinds of reactive dyes, it has high color yield and reproducibility for reactive dyes of various structures; it is suitable for various equipments, especially in low bath ratio and aerosol dyeing machine, it shows its unique superiority. In the production of cheese yarn, the inner and outer layer difference can be effectively solved.

3,Shorten the dyeing time

Caustic soda is a new type of buffered solid base with less electrolyte and low ionic strength in the dissolution. Therefore, the coloring is slower during the caustic soda addition process, which makes the dye leveling better. Whether dyed dark or light, the caustic soda can be added in about 20 minutes, shortening the dyeing time.

4, Improve the quality of dyed products, reduce the repair rate.

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