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  • Melamine resin is a low molecular weight prepolymer which is obtained by polycondensation of melamine and formaldehyde under neutral or slightly alkaline. It has flame retardancy, water resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, arc resistance, chemical resistance and good insulation properties,


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  • The degree of alcoholysis has an effect on the water solubility, viscosity, adhesion and serosity of the slurry.1. Water solubility:PVA with fully alcoholysis is poor in water solubility,for example,PVA with Alcoholysis degree more than 99%(Mole fraction) begin to dissolve when it is heated above 9


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  • Since the partially alcoholized PVA contains more acetate groups, and the volume of the acetate group is much larger than the hydroxyl group, there is a large steric hindrance, so that the partially alcoholized PVA cannot form a compact crystal structure. It can only form loose structures with large


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  • Tainuo Chemical always focus on chemicals and keep researching and supplying chemicals for our customers .Now we will supply you with new series chemical : Calcium Formate.As it is known Calcium formate is the calcium salt of formic acid. It is also known as E238 Under this E number it is used as an


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  • Piglets are a very important stage in the whole growth of pigs, and it is important to strengthen the nutrition of piglets. Additives are beneficial to the health of piglets. The addition of organic acids such as citric acid, fumaric acid and calcium formate to piglet feed can reduce the pH of feed


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