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What are the uses of melamine resin?
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What are the uses of melamine resin?

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What are the uses of melamine resin?

Melamine resin is a low molecular weight prepolymer which is obtained by polycondensation of melamine and formaldehyde under neutral or slightly alkaline. It has flame retardancy, water resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, arc resistance, chemical resistance and good insulation properties,can be used for coatings, molding compounds, decorative panels, laminates, electrical, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Main uses of Melamine resin is following:

1, Melamine formaldehyde impregnating resin: Since melamine formaldehyde resin having a high heat and moisture resistance, and under the light it is bright,transparent,colorless and odorless, so that it has a lot of advantages on the application of the veneer plywood.

2, Paper water repellent: Water repellent is a modified melamine formaldehyde resin with high resin content, good stability, good water solubility and convenient use.

3, Acrylic resin, styrene-acrylic, vinegar-acrylic resin emulsion modifier: It can improve the hot water resistance and significantly improve the bursting resistance of paper.

4,Decorative veneer: It can be made into fireproof, shockproof and heat resistant laminate,with bright color, strong heat resistance and pollution resistance. It is used as a veneer for aircraft, ship and furniture, and as a fireproof, earthquake resistant and heat resistant house decoration material.

5, Coating: Melamine is used as a crosslinking agent in acrylic, alkyd, and epoxy coatings.

6,Melamine Molding powder: It can be made into melamine Formaldehyde moulding powder,which is non-toxic, anti-fouling, and can maintain good electrical performance when wet,can be used for the manufacturing white, damp-resistant daily utensils, sanitary ware and melamine tableware, electrical equipment,and other advanced insulation material.

7,Textile Auxiliary: It can improve the waterproof, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties of the fiber, make the fabric flat, feel good and have bright luster.

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