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The role of feed additive calcium formate in piglet feed
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The role of feed additive calcium formate in piglet feed

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The role of feed additive calcium formate in piglet feed

Piglets are a very important stage in the whole growth of pigs, and it is important to strengthen the nutrition of piglets. Additives are beneficial to the health of piglets. The addition of organic acids such as citric acid, fumaric acid and calcium formate to piglet feed can reduce the pH of feed and gastrointestinal, promote the growth of piglets, improve feed utilization,and control the breeding of harmful microorganismseffectively prevents the occurrence of disease in piglets. But it can't be added blindly. What are the advantages of feed grade calcium formate?

  1. Vitamin E and biotin, the use of high doses of vitamin E in piglet feed can enhance the immunity of pigs, reduce the mortality of weaned piglets, and prevent the occurrence of piglet edema disease, reducing the weaning stress ability of piglets.

  2. Zymin. Zymin need to be added to the piglet feed to make up for the lack of digestion of the piglets and improve the utilization of the feed. The Zymin is preferably a complex enzyme such as amylase, protease, lipase or cellulase.

  3. The flavoring agent. In order to increase the feed intake of piglets, improve the bad smell in the feed, and increase the palatability, a flavor enhancer is usually added to the piglet feed.

  4. Acidifier. The addition of organic acids such as calcium formate in the feed can reduce the PH of the feed and the gastrointestinal tract, promote the growth of the piglets, improve the feed utilization rate, and control the reproduction of harmful microorganisms, thereby effectively preventing the occurrence of piglets. According to reports, adding 1-1.5% calcium formate to the piglet diet can increase the daily gain by 2.8-4.9%, and can significantly reduce the incidence of diarrhea in piglets.

  5. Microbial preparations. Microbial preparation is a new type of growth promoter, which maintains the dynamic balance of digestive bacteria, inhibits and rejects the original bacteria, such as the dominant Escherichia coli, Salmonella, etc.; increases lactic acid, stabilizes the pH level of the digestive tract, regulates the intestine the balance of electrolytes in the tract,prevents the occurrence of diarrhea and improves the immune stress of animals.

Due to the development of new technologies, calcium formate is found to be a calcium salt containing formic acid and widely used. It contains 31% calcium, 69% formic acid, neutral pH, and low moisture content,mixing into the additive premix will not cause vitamin loss, and free acid can be separated under the action of gastric acid to lower the pH of the stomach. Calcium formate has a high melting point and can be decomposed at temperatures above 400 ° C and will not be destroyed during the granulation process.

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