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Characteristics and applications of PVA films(2)
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Characteristics and applications of PVA films(2)

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Product Usage

(1) Lining bags for pesticides and chemical products. Avoid touching pesticides and chemical products, no residual pesticides in plastic bags

(2) Packaging bags for cement additives (silicon powder, etc.). Avoid dust flying and harm the environment;

(3) Fabric carriers such as embroidery and wigs. Supporting the carrier for easy cleaning;

(4) Artificial large stone release film. Water-soluble film on the inner surface of the film can be quickly released from the mold;

(5) Surface printing (water transfer printing). After printing on the film, it can be transferred onto a curved surface;

(6) Seed belt. Pack the seeds at regular spacing and bury them in the ground to save valuable seeds, which can save the busyness of the seedlings;

(7) Hospital washing bags. It can be cleaned without touching contaminated clothing;

(9) Hot water soluble film is suitable for garment packaging;

(10) It can be used in food preservation packaging and air cushion bags after being compounded with other plastics.

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