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Fertilizer when to apply?
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Fertilizer when to apply?

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Fertilizer when to apply?

The fertilization method of potted plant fertilizer is different in each season. The spring and autumn season is the growing period of plants, and the demand for fertilizer is relatively large, so the amount of fertilizer needs to be increased. A small amount of fertilizer in summer, summer evening is the best time to fertilize, to avoid sunburn. When plants stop growing in winter, no fertilizer is needed.


lWhat are the differences among different seasons?

lWhat needs to be mentioned?

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What are the differences among different seasons?

1.Spring fertilization: there are two forms of fertilization in spring: one is overwintering or early spring crop topdressing; Second, spring sowing crop base fertilizer. For the crops to be sown (planted) that can be fertilized in advance, such as corn, peanuts, sweet potatoes, sorghum, vegetables, etc., fertilization 10 ~ 15 days before sowing is conducive to crop growth, easy to obtain uniform and strong seedlings.

2.Summer fertilization: the general summer temperature is high, high fertilizer effect, fertilizer effect is fast, easy to happen fertilizer harm, so the amount of fertilizer to be small. Fertilization can borrow water fertilization, that is, with watering or while the rain after fertilization, can improve the fertilizer effect. Avoid stormy hours, early in the morning and late in the evening.

3.Autumn fertilization: early autumn temperatures are still high, fertilization techniques are equivalent to summer. The bottom fertilizer of tomato, green pepper, cucumber, and other vegetable varieties planted in facilities after autumn delay should also be reduced appropriately, which is equivalent to half of that planted in spring and one-third of that planted in winter. The temperature drops in late autumn, sowing (planting) fertilizing is equivalent to spring.

4.Winter fertilization: Under the condition of low temperature, crop fertilizer absorption ability, low fertilizer effect, effective slow, difficult to fertilizer damage occurs, increasing fertilizer rate can promote crop fertilizer consumption, improve the plant fluid concentration and soil solution concentration, enhance crop of cold hardiness, ensure that under the condition of low temperature according to the fruit, Fertilizer amount was 30 ~ 40% higher than that in spring.


What needs to be mentioned?

1.Fertilizer time to the substrate slightly dry, growth is the most plant, when the absorption rate of fertilization is high, and the demand is also large.

2.Fertilization of plants cannot be applied when the plant is short of nutrients. It must be supplemented when there is no shortage of fertilizer, otherwise, it will be out of line.

3.Fertilizer should be applied in the morning according to the time period every day. After fertilization, water should be poured once to facilitate the dilution and decomposition of fertilizer and the absorption of plants.


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