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High Purity Sodium Nitrite Industrial Grade 99%
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High Purity Sodium Nitrite Industrial Grade 99%

CAS NO.7632-00-0 Chemical formula:NaNO2 Appearance:White or slightly yellowish solid. Uses:Mainly used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and can also be used in heat treatment of metal,early strength agent of cement,antifreezing agent,and etc. Packing:1000kg/bag,50kg/bag,25kg/bag

Properties of technical sodium nitrite: white to light yellow powder. It breaks down if heated to above 320℃, breaks up into brown dinitrogen trioxide gas in contact with weak acid and it is inflammable and explosive in contact with organic matters and gives off toxic and irritant nitrogen peroxide and nitric oxide gases. Half lethal dose (rat, per os) is 180mg/kg.
Uses: this product is mainly used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In pharmaceutical industry, it can be used in pharmaceutical and pesticide industry; in chemical industry, sodium nitrite is mainly used in producing nitromethane and 1,2-aminoazophenylene. Moreover, it can also be used in heat treatment of metal, early strength agent of cement, antifreezing agent, and etc.



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