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How fertilizer affect the soil?
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How fertilizer affect the soil?

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How fertilizer affect the soil?

Fertilizer is an expensive input needed to optimize crop production. Understanding how fertilizers react in the soil is important to optimize the amount of fertilizer used and the efficiency of growing high-yielding crops. It is also important for farmers to understand the short and long-term effects of fertilizers on soil chemical and biological properties.


lHow fertilizer affect the soil?



How fertilizer affect the soil?

1. Fertilizers are manufactured by plants with raw materials. The characteristics of fertilizers are very fast and immediate. As long as crops are short of fertilizer, they will be effective immediately after applying fertilizers.  For example, on crops lacking nitrogen, the leaves are yellow and green.  About five days after applying nitrogen fertilizer, the leaves will turn green.  Because fertilizers are particularly timely and effective in replenishing the nutritional needs of crops, the effect of increasing crop yields is very obvious. Crop yield increases. After the root system is developed, a large number of roots will penetrate the soil to increase the permeability of the soil and promote the integration of water, soil, air, and heat. These phenomena have a positive effect on improving soil fertility.

2. Fertilizer applied to the soil can change the pH of the soil. The addition of gypsum and sulfur to alkaline soil turns sodium into water-soluble sodium salts, which become less alkaline as water runs away. Applying lime to acidic soils can neutralize the acidity of the soil, reduce the damage of iron and aluminum in the soil, and improve the availability of soil nutrients. Fertilizer is a single nutrient fertilizer, an application must be combined with organic fertilizer, learn from each other, improve nutrient supply and increase the soil organic matter, for the continuous high yield of crops to create good conditions.

3. Improve the soil water and heat conditions. Fertilization can increase soil water potential under different soil water content and reduce the soil water capacity ratio. As a result, soil water availability and water supply capacity were improved, while fertilization improved soil texture and structure and increased soil water retention capacity. This is beneficial to early soil moisture retention. It can be seen that fertilization can not only enhance the water supply capacity of early soil but also improve its water retention capacity, increase the elasticity of soil reservoirs, so as to improve its adaptability and resistance to dry early environment.

4. Increase the physiologically active substances

Adding compound microbial fertilizer and biological organic fertilizer can promote the activities of soil microorganisms, increase the mineral nutrients and humus in the soil, produce a variety of vitamins, antibiotics, auxin, etc., promote the development of root system, stimulate the growth of crops, and enhance the ability to resist diseases. Different fertilization way and closely linked to the ground between crop and soil microbial community.


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