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How fertilizer is different from manure?
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How fertilizer is different from manure?

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How fertilizer is different from manure?

Fertilizer and manure can also supplement soil organic matter and promote the formation of granule structures. But from the perspective of green, healthy and sustainable development, fertilizer has more advantages and is safer. So, let’s look at the following.


lWhy fertilizer is safer than manure?

lWhat are the benefits of fertilizers compared with manure?

Agricultural fertilizer


Why fertilizer is safer than manure?

Fertilizer in the production process not only high-temperature sterilization and insecticide, through microbial fermentation, and well control of oxygen and fermentation temperature, so that the organic material fully decomposed into the direct formation of the humus structure, at the same time the amino acids and beneficial metabolites can be retained. It will not produce substances that affect the crops after use.

Manure without harmless treatment inside contains more salt, easy to make the soil salinization, followed by manure with a large number of bacteria, eggs, the easiest to cause diseases and insect pests in the shed; In addition, if the manure contains harmful substances, heavy metal substances, direct use will harm the health of the soil and food. It is generally not recommended to direct the ground manure, use before the need for fermentation, and harmless.

So, we can always say that fertilizer is safer than manure.


What are the benefits of fertilizers compared with manure?

1. Fertilizer nutrient comprehensive not only contains a large number of essential and micronutrient elements for the growth and development of crops but also contains rich organic matter needed by the soil, so it is a complete fertilizer.

2. The fertilizer is stable and long. Most of the nutrients contained in organic fertilizers are organic and can only be absorbed and utilized by crops after mineralization. Therefore, the fertilizer base fertilizer can continue to decompose, release nutrients, and its fertilizer effect is lasting.

3. Fertilizers are rich in organic matter and have a significant effect on fertilizing soil compared with manure. They contain a large amount of organic colloid and have a high cation exchange capacity. It is beneficial to the formation of a good soil structure, long-term, a large amount of application can improve the level of soil fertility, its effect is much better than chemical fertilizer.

4. For crops: the nutrient function of fertilizer is huge, without fertilizer, there is no high yield. However, under the premise that fertilizer is the main source of nutrition for crops, increasing the application of organic fertilizer is mainly to regulate soil function, create a good growth environment for crops, and improve the nutrient absorption rate of fertilizer to a greater extent. This is very important.


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