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How to choose and use urea Ad-blue?
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How to choose and use urea Ad-blue?

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Most diesel vehicle manufacturers often use AUS32 as a reducing agent. The concentration of Urea Ad-blue directly affects the reduction rate of nitrogen oxides and the crystallization point of urea solution. If the concentration is too high or too low, it will not only improve the conversion efficiency of nitrogen oxides, but will cause secondary pollution of the remaining ammonia gas. The concentration of 32.5% was chosen because Urea Ad-blue has the lowest crystallization point at this concentration (freezing point -11 ° C).

Urea Ad-blue needs to avoid impurities entering the solution and urea tank during the filling process. In general, Urea Ad-blue has a special tube when it is filled. Just open the urea tank and insert the filling tube. However, some people usually pay little attention to bring impurities into the tank and block the urea tank urea pump. In order to prevent impurities, pure water must be used to clean the SCR, and tap water is not available.

Urea Ad-blue is alkaline and is highly corrosive to copper, cast iron, solder and cast aluminum. Improper filling can contaminate tanks and vehicles.

In addition, since Urea Ad-blue itself has no major harm to the eyes and skin, it also causes slight irritation to the human body. If in contact with the skin, rinse the exposed skin with plenty of soap or water. If it comes into contact with the eyes, open the upper and lower eyelids and rinse with water.

Urea Ad-blue needs to be protected from light and heat during transportation. The optimum transport and storage temperature should be between -5 °C and 25 °C. In addition, Urea Ad-blue crystallizes when the temperature is low, and the volume expansion becomes as large as 7%. If it is too full, it remains below 90% of the storage volume ratio. High temperatures can cause the decomposition of Urea Ad-blue, which is generally associated with storage temperature and storage time.

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