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How to store snow melting agent is reasonable
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How to store snow melting agent is reasonable

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(1) This product is easy to absorb moisture, to be stored in a cool dry room stack, and avoid exposure to rain; open storage should be moisture-proof cover.

(2) Seal and store before and after use, open the bag and use it all at once. If it is not used up, the bag mouth should be fastened immediately to prevent moisture absorption.

(3) Carefully carry it during transportation or handling, and do not damage the packaging bag. If the bag is damaged, it should be replaced in time. It is strictly forbidden to absorb moisture.

(4) The stocked goods should be placed neatly, protected from light and moisture, and convenient for ventilation, access and storage.

(5) If the package is not damaged, it can remain unblocked, melted and deteriorated for many years.

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