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Origin and application of Adblue for SCR system
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Origin and application of Adblue for SCR system

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Origin and application of Adblue for SCR system

1,The origin of Ad-blue for SCR system.

Urea Adblue was first used in Europe,it probably began to be used in 2003 to reduce diesel exhaust emissions.The practice shows that,at present,Urea Adblue is the most economical way to solve the exhaust emissions of diesel vehicles,and it is also the most suitable way to promote.

2,Does the use of Urea Adblue solution increase fuel consumption

In fact,the use of Urea Adblue solution is not directly related to fuel consumption.It is used in the SCR system,the SCR system acts throgh the ECU of the OBD system and the engine.If the SCR system is not working properly,the OBD system will reduce the power output of the engine and increase the fuel consumption.

However,if the SCR system works normally,the engine can be burned more fully,and the ourput power of the car is more stable.Therefore,the Urea Adblue solution does not increase ot reduce the fuel consumption of the engine,but the high-quality Urea Adblue solution can ensure the normal operation of the SCR system and help reduce fuel consumption.

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