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Storage of SCR Urea
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Storage of SCR Urea

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Storage of SCR Urea

1. Pay attention to the storage and operation environment of SCR Urea solution. To clean the environment of SCR Urea solution, it should be cleaned and dust-free. If the SCR Urea solution is stored in a dusty place, it will definitely pollute the SCR Urea, reduce its concentration, and also produce insoluble substances. Therefore, the storage tank, filling equipment must be sealed, and there is a need to install a filter mouth. 

2. When the urea solution is opened, it should be prevented from being contaminated by impurities or from urea degeneration caused by ammonia during the differentiation of algae after exposure. The SCR Urea solution after opening the package should be stored in 30 days. 

3. Pay attention to the effect of storage temperature on SCR Urea solution. The storage temperature of SCR Urea is about -5-25 degrees. Prevent light and high temperature, and different storage temperatures, quality guarantee period is also different.

4. Pay attention to the storage tank and filling equipment of SCR Urea solution. Urea will react with some materials, such as copper, iron and aluminum. If it is packed in a tank of this kind of raw material or injected with the filling equipment of this kind of raw material, it will form the transformation of automobile urea and affect the performance of SCR. Therefore, in the use of SCR Urea, do not pour urea solution into another tank, filling with special filling equipment. 

5. Also note that SCR Urea will crystallize at low temperature, the volume will expand about 7%, so urea solution should not be too full, to insist on storage capacity of about 90%. 


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