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Urea Formaldehyede Resin/UF Resin for Plywood
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Urea Formaldehyede Resin/UF Resin for Plywood

Urea-formaldehyde resin powder produced is a product without filler, modifier, and curing agent. This product has the advantages of good strength, good water solubility, difficult deformation, easy to use, good water resistance, curable both at room temperature and high temperature, and easy for long-distance transportation.
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Product features:
1. This product shows high water solubility and can be quickly dissolved in normal-temperature water.
2. Easy to use; high adhesive property
3. Low-free formaldehyde meets national standards.
4. This product is a neutral adhesive and can come into wide use. Besides, it can be used with other adhesives in a desirable way.
5. Easy transportation, long storage period.
Used to manufacture plywood, veneer, curved wood furniture, wood-based panel manufacturing, wooden doors, bending doors, MDF, particleboard, and other products, to improve the solid content of liquid urea-formaldehyde glue, and also be used for mold casting, grinding wheel manufacturing. If used for wood bonding, its adhesive strength is greater than that of the wood itself.
Item Specification Test Result
Appearance White or light yellow powder White powder
Particle size 80mesh 98%
Moisture(%) ≤3 1.8
PH 7-8 7.5
Free aldehyde content(%) 0.15-1.5 0.83
Melamine content(%) 5-15 -
Viscosity(25℃,50%) 100-400 130
Adhesion(Mas) 1.5-2.0 1.67


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