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What are the types of fertilizers?
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What are the types of fertilizers?

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What are the types of fertilizers?

Fertilizers are a concentrated source of phytonutrients, usually in compact forms such as pellets, pellets, powders, or liquids. They are used to improve plant growth and yield. Users may consider what are fertilizers and what are the types of fertilizers? Now let’s look at the following.


l What are fertilizers?

l What are the types of fertilizers?

Potassium sulfate fertilizer


What are fertilizers?

Fertilizers contain concentrated sources of phytonutrients in chemical or organic form. Most contain major plant nutrients and plants require relatively large amounts of nutrients. Some contain trace elements that plants only need.


Most fertilizers are based on three main phytonutrients:

Nitrogen (N): Used for green leaf growth

Phosphorus (P) : Used for healthy root and shoot growth

Potassium (K): Used for flowering, fruiting, and toughness


What are the types of fertilizers?

There are two main types of fertilizers: inorganic (man-made) and organic (derived from plants or animals).

Inorganic fertilizers: These are synthetic, artificial forms of phytonutrients or natural minerals. Inorganic fertilizers generally concentrate and act faster than organic fertilizers. Examples of inorganic fertilizers include: Ammonia Sulfate, Potassium Sulfate, Superphosphate.


Organic fertilizers: These fertilizers come from plants or animals and contain plant nutrients in organic form.  The effect of organic products is often slower, because large organic molecules must first be decomposed by soil organisms, and then the nutrients in them are released for use by plants. Examples of organic fertilizers include seaweed, hoofs and horns, dried blood, fish blood and bones, bone meal, poultry manure pellets, and liquid corn meal or nettle feed.


Inorganic and organic fertilizers can be classified into the following types of products:


Compound fertilizers: These fertilizers contain a mixture of different nutrients. According to the needs of different crops, they can be balanced (contain all the main plant nutrients in a similar proportion), or they can provide more certain nutrients than other nutrients. They can be organic or inorganic, or both.


 Straight fertilizer: contains only one or mainly one nutrient.  They are usually used to provide different nutrients at different times of the year or to correct specific nutrient deficiencies. They are usually inorganic.


 Controlled-release fertilizers: These fertilizers are almost all particles of inorganic fertilizers, covered with porous materials, such as sulfur or synthetic resins.  Water enters the pellets, while fertilizer is leached into the surrounding soil.  The hotter the soil, the faster the leaching; this corresponds to plant growth, which grows faster in warm weather. By changing the thickness of the coating, the granules can be designed to feed plants in different time periods.


 Slow-release fertilizers: These fertilizers degrade slowly, usually release their nutrients under the influence of soil microorganisms, and depend on soil temperature.  These are usually organic and include hoof horns and bone meal.  


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