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Why fertilizer helps plants grow?
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Why fertilizer helps plants grow?

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Fertilization is the need for crop growth, is to improve crop yield and quality, increase crop output value. Plants that grow normally need nutrients to support them, and nutrients can make them grow stronger. But the problem is why fertilizer helps plants grow? Let’s look at the following.

l What are the benefits of fertilizers?

l What needs to be mentioned?

Liquid water soluble fertilizer for Nitrogen fertilizer

What are the benefits of fertilizers?

(1) The need for regulation of environmental factors of crop growth. The growth and

development of crops and the formation of product organs, on the one hand, depends on the genetic characteristics of the plant itself, on the other hand, depends on the external environment (also known as crop growth factors or living factors). The growth of the main factors includes temperature (air temperature and soil temperature, illumination (light composition, light, the light cycle), water (air humidity and soil moisture, soil (soil fertility, chemical composition, physical properties, and soil solution, etc.), air (air of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and soil and the content of poisonous gas, etc.). Water and soil (especially soil fertility) are relatively easy to adjust, and even the time, amount, and method of irrigation and fertilization directly determine the water and fertilizer content in the soil. Therefore, crop fertilization management is extremely important to address nutrient limiting factors in crop growth.

(2) The need for crop growth. In order to maintain its life activities during the process of crop growth, it is necessary to absorb the nutrients needed for its growth and development from the external environment, and absorbing the nutrients in the soil is one of the conditions to ensure robust growth of plants. Plant growth depletes soil nutrients, so replenish soil nutrients frequently. To replenish the nutrients in the soil is to apply fertilizer regularly.

What needs to be mentioned?

1. The amount of fertilizer

Plants need fertilizer to grow, but not the more fertilizer, the better the plant will grow. The amount of fertilizer used is very important, too little can be made up by the number of times, but the consequences of excessive use are a bit serious, may cause the point of no return.

2. Fertilization time

The timing of fertilization is mainly when it is applied properly and the plant can absorb it better. For some newly planted seedlings and plants with new soil, the root system will be somewhat damaged, so the top dressing cannot be applied temporarily. It usually needs to wait for the plant to return to growth, or in the spring or early summer stage.

3. Type of Fertilizer

The growth habits of each plant are different, as is the choice of fertilizer.

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