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These are related to the FERTILIZER news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in FERTILIZER and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand FERTILIZER market.
  • Fertilizer and manure can also supplement soil organic matter and promote the formation of granule structures. But from the perspective of green, healthy and sustainable development, fertilizer has more advantages and is safer.


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  • Fertilizer is an expensive input needed to optimize crop production. Understanding how fertilizers react in the soil is important to optimize the amount of fertilizer used and the efficiency of growing high-yielding crops. It is also important for farmers to understand the short and long-term effects of fertilizers on soil chemical and biological properties.


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  • The fertilization method of potted plant fertilizer is different in each season. The spring and autumn season is the growing period of plants, and the demand for fertilizer is relatively large, so the amount of fertilizer needs to be increased. A small amount of fertilizer in summer, summer evening is the best time to fertilize, to avoid sunburn. When plants stop growing in winter, no fertilizer is needed.


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