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These are related to the FERTILIZER news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in FERTILIZER and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand FERTILIZER market.
  • Fertilizer is of great significance to national food security. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, chemical Fertilizers contribute 40% to 60% of global food production. The increase in China's grain output is closely related to the application of chemical Fertilizers. My country's grain output increased from 300 million tons in 1978 to 600 million tons in 2013, of which the contribution rate of chemical Fertilizers was as high as 56.81%. However, the large-scale use of chemical Fertilizers has also caused many problems while bringing about an increase in grain production. Long-term unreasonable and unscientific application of chemical Fertilizers not only increases agricultural production costs and wastes resources but also causes problems such as arable land formation and soil acidification.


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  • Microbial Fertilizers, as a member of new Fertilizers, can not only activate soil nutrients, improve soil physical and chemical properties, control soil harmful microorganisms, improve Fertilizer utilization efficiency, but also promote crop growth, assist plants to absorb nutrients, increase crop stress resistance, and improve crops. Quality and other functions play an important role in the zero growth of chemical Fertilizers. Let's take a look at the recommendations for advancing the Microbial Fertilizer industry.


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  • Microbial Fertilizer is a product containing specific microorganisms, which is used in agricultural production. Through the life activities of microorganisms contained in it, it can increase the supply of plant nutrients or promote plant growth, increase yield, and improve the quality of agricultural products and the agricultural ecological environment. At present, microbial Fertilizer includes microbial inoculants, bio-organic Fertilizers, and compound microbial Fertilizers. So what is the research progress on microbial Fertilizers at home and abroad? Let's see together.


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  • Although my country's microbial Fertilizer industry has formed a certain scale through continuous development and has made important contributions to the sustainable development of agriculture, it is still necessary to see the problems existing in my country's microbial Fertilizer industry.


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  • As an indispensable means of production for modern agricultural production, Fertilizer is currently in an unprecedented stage of innovation and development in my country's Fertilizer industry. New formulations, new technologies, and new products are constantly emerging revolution in the Fertilizer industry. However, many factors affect the innovation of Fertilizer in our country, and the interference of these factors should be avoided, and advantages should be avoided.


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