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Application of polyvinyl alcohol in films
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Application of polyvinyl alcohol in films

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Application of polyvinyl alcohol in films

1.     fast solution film          

 Pesticides and chemical products are packaged in inner bags, which can avoid touching pesticides and chemical products by hand. There is no residual pesticides in plastic bags.           

The cement additive packaging bag avoids dust flying and harms the environment.            

Embroidery substrate, wigs and other fabric carriers. The carrier is convenient for cleaning.            

Seed bags, packed seeds at fixed intervals and then buried underground, save precious seeds, can save the busy seedling thinning.           

Rubbish bag.


2.         medium soluble film           

Food, cosmetics packaging bags, supermarket shopping bags.           

Packaging of animal oils, vegetable oils and mineral oils and fat foods.           

For tea, coffee, curry powder, chili powder, pepper and other spices packaging.           

It can also be used for packing small cereals, oils, dried seafood, precious traditional Chinese medicines, tobacco, etc. It can be used in combination with deoxidizer or vacuum to prevent mildew, moth and fading.           

Antistatic packaging for electronic products.


3.         insoluble film           

Clothing, shoes and hats, leather and leather products, arts and crafts, manuscripts, archives, and deoxidizers used in conjunction with anti-mildew, anti-moth, anti-oxidation and discoloration effect.           

Using glass paper printing ink, you can get beautiful printing effect.          

Daily necessities, medicine, toys packaging.


4.         special film          

Polyvinyl alcohol film can also be used in polarization mode, automobile film, windshield sandwich, sanitary material manufacturing and other special fields.


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