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Characteristics and applications of PVA films(1)
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Characteristics and applications of PVA films(1)

Views: 1     Author: 艾彩霞     Publish Time: 2018-11-23      Origin: Site


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1.Water solubility. Soluble in cold water, soluble speed can be planed, non-toxic and pollution-free.

2.Unlike other plastic films, water-soluble anti-static film has good static electricity resistance.When it is used for packing products, the plasticity and the electrostatic dust-collecting performance will not be affected.

3.Water-soluble film has strong permeability to water and ammonia, but good barrier to oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. These characteristics enable them to keep the ingredients and original smell of packaged products intact.

4.Water-soluble heat-sealable packaging film having good heat sealability, heat seal resistance, and is suitable for high-frequency heat-sealing, heat seal strength and the temperature and humidity, pressure, time and other conditions, generally greater than 200g / cm2.

5.Mechanical properties. The mechanical properties of the water-soluble packaging film: strong modulus 2500 ~ 400kg / cm2, tensile strength 400 ~ 200kg / cm2, tearing force 200 ~ 50kg / cm2, elongation 150 ~ 220%.

6.Oil-resistant and chemical-resistant water-soluble packaging film has good oil resistance (vegetable oil, animal oil, mineral oil), fat, organic solvent and carbohydrate, but strong alkali, strong acid, chlorine free radical and other with PVA chemical reaction, such as borax, boric acid, certain dyes, such substances recommended not to use water soluble film package.

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