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  • Roots, because they grow underground, are an easy part to overlook. A bad root system can easily lead to poor plant growth, uneven seedling, poor disease resistance, etc., thus affecting our economic benefits. So, how to make the root system developed? What fertilizer promotes root growth?


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  • Whether the selection of fertilizer is scientific and correct has a more direct impact on the yield and quality. For the selection of fertilizer, not only to choose the brand and type of fertilizer but also according to the application of fertilizer, crop types, soil conditions, crop growth stage, and the rule of fertilizer to comprehensive consideration.


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  • Fertilizers are a concentrated source of phytonutrients, usually in compact forms such as pellets, pellets, powders, or liquids. They are used to improve plant growth and yield. Users may consider what are fertilizers and what are the types of fertilizers? Now let’s look at the following.


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  • Crop top dressing is an important way to promote crop growth. In the whole process of crop growth, the amount of top dressing usually accounts for more than one-third of the total amount of fertilizer application. Common topdressing methods mainly have the following, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the following.


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  • A lot of people fertilize, just for the sake of pure fertilization, they did not think, since the fertilizer, pay money, will think of the role of letting it play. Wouldn’t our money have been wasted? But how can the benefits of fertilizer be exploited? The following will give you a summary.


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